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Tiny tutz & MINIs (ages 3-6)

Welcome to the world of dance!

Little stars in the making can learn the fundamentals in dance styles while exploring coordination, movement, and music.

CLASS STYLES: Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Cirque, Breaking, Poppin’

Tiny Tutz & Tots classes are typically 30-45 mins, running on Saturday mornings Mini classes are Saturdays & Wednesdays. Bundling of classes available.



"HIP" = Present     "HOP" = Action 

A grounded urban and street style dance form with a focus on expression, rhythm, groove, coordination and style. An upbeat combination of free movement and choreography to throwbacks and todays latest sounds.

To us, hip hop is not simply a dance form, it is also a culture. 



 The energetic and fundamental dance form that complements many other styles. Jazz classes are composed of a warm up, across the floor, and progressions including jumps and turns.

Technique and style through choreography are emphasized. 

Black jazz shoe required.




One of the four main staples in hip hop culture: the foundation of funk.

Learn new ways to move, bend, twist, stand and stall all while learning the basic fundamentals of break dance.

Aspiring B-boys & B-girls are welcomed! Junior and Teen classes available. 




Get your body feeling the rhythm of the reggae and the dancehall beat.

Originating from Jamaica, this dance style is uplifting and fun and has become a popular movement and dance form. Students will learn foundation movement within this authentic style.



Keeping the beat with your feet! Students will learn basic, progressive and intricate tap steps and rhythm combinations. This class will help dancers improve and strengthen their musicality, timing and overall coordination. 

Black tap shoes required.




A combination of dance and acrobatics. Learn how to properly execute tricks and develop skills such as cartwheels, bridges, walkovers. Practice strength, flexibility, agility, and partnering in a safe and fun environment. 




A uniquely expressive dance form combining several dance styles such as of ballet, jazz, lyrical and modern techniques. Experience or and/or current training in one of these styles is highly recommended. Kreative movement, abstract combinations and story telling emotion are used to create original routines. 




The road to beautiful technique begins in ballet. Improve strength, poise. balance and control. Technical skills gained through the study of ballet is integral for all other forms of classic dance.




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