—DOING dance differently: doing dance KREATIVely—

K.I.D.S. (Kreative In Dance Styles) was created to allow dancers of all ages to express themselves through the art of movement and empower the individual to find “ what makes them kreative ”. As professional dancers themselves, the Directors, share their talents and industry knowledge to bring out the best of students. The K.I.D.S. dance experience allows students to constantly challenge, expand their horizons and evoke their artistic dreams.

We are dedicated to providing a professional, diverse, and quality dance experience at various skill levels. K.I.D.S. is proud to have an amazing faculty, some of the best talent in the industry! Classes are taught from foundational beginnings, incorporating technique, physical conditioning, across the floor, freestyling and grooves, movement intention and more. 


At Kreative In Dance Styles (K.I.D.S. Inc)

  • We make the connection from studio to stage educating students on the difference between a "dancer" and a "performer".

  • Students participate in a year-end showcase where they present their class choreography, combined with other learned skills such as stage presence, charisma and confidence. 

  • We promote a unique & positive environment for students to grow "kreatively".

  • We believe in holistic learning and awareness within our studio by instilling positive attitudes and values, which dancers can apply outside the class, and into their everyday lives.

Beyond program classes we offer birthday parties, studio rentals, professional performances, drop in classes and adult fitness classes.

We have been apart of hundreds of corporate and industry events, flash mobs, film and television opportunities, such as: Justin Bieber’s Home for the Holidays, Princess Margaret Dance to Conquer Cancer, Disney’s Family Channel, featured on MTV, CITY TV, YTV, CP24, MUCH, ROGERS TV. and much more to come.


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* flashmobs * school DANCE workshops * tv appearances * corporate parties * rallies & galas * party energizers * stage performances * CHoREOGRAPHY * MUSIC VIDEOS * WEDDINGS * BACK-UP DANCING * private bookings *

we do it all….!

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